I am walking

Thousands of miles 

Towards a hope 

That I know hates me 

In weary arms 

I carry my world 

On my shoulders 

I carry my dreams 

On my hip I carry my legacy 

I carry them 





I carry them 

From certain death 

From daughters 

Ripped from beds 

Raped and forced into prostitution 

Sons ripped from beds

Forced to murder 

their friends 

their family 

I have nothing 

But the knowledge 

That if I make it to 


Where I will be hated 


Work jobs no one else wants

Often not get paid 

Live in shadows 

Become invisible 

Never to return 

At least 

At least 

At least 

My babies will be alive 

I want nothing from you 

But to work

To sleep on streets 

That aren’t flooded with soldiers 

I will accept your hate 

Your ignorance 

Your disgust 

In exchange for the lives of my children 

Maybe they will 

Contribute like all the immigrants before us 

Who make your country 

All that you worship 

Your music 

Your movies 

Your food 

Your culture 

Your way of life 

You owe to an immigrant 

Even your precious president 

I know what they won’t grow up to be 

An elder killer 

Children slayer 

Mass shooter 

That’s a job held by Christian white men 

So I will walk

Across countries 

With blistered feet 

Towards the gates of hell 

Into the arms of hate 

To make a deal with the devils 

To save the lives of my children 

Wouldn’t you 

Would your Christ 

Build A Wall 

Or Walk with a Caravan

Originally posted November 5, 2018. 

art by Sage Smith

art by Sage Smith


When black boys are born

We mothers kiss their faces

Twirl our fingers in their curls

Put them in carriers on our chest

Show them to the world

Our tiny black princes

And when they start school

As early as 3

We mothers

Place huge back packs on their backs

And we slowly fill them with bricks

Etched with tools

Tattooed with truths

Hoping to save them

Don't talk back

Don't get angry

Say yes ma'am

Say no sir

Don't fight

Even if they hit you first

Especially if they are white

Do your best

Better than best

Be still

Worker harder


they get a little older

And we add more

Keep your hands out of your pockets

Don't look them in the eye

Don't challenge

Don't put your manhood before your life

Just get home safe

Don't walk alone

Don't walk with too many boys

Don't walk towards police

Don't walk away from police

Don't buy candy or ice tea

Don't put your hood up

I'll drive you

I'll pick you up

You can't be free

Don't go wandering

Come home to me


They get a little older

And we add more

Understand you are a threat

Standing still


Your degrees are not a shield

Your job is not a shield

Your salary makes you a target

Your car makes you a target

Your nice house in a nice neighborhood

Makes you a target

Don't put your ego before your safety

Don't talk back

Don't look them in the eye

Get home to your wife

Your son


They weigh them down.

This knowing

Of having to carry the load

Of their blackness

the world hasn't changed

The straps just dig deeper into their skin

Their backs ache

But their souls don't break

Our beautiful black men

When you say to me

All lives matter

I simply ask

Will your son die with the world on his back

Mine will

And The Light Dims 


Little girls are light

The moment we know

Our wombs house them

They become our glow

We wrap them

in pink blankets

brown skin

radiating love

And soon

When the words come

So do the questions

Can I have this doll

The one with the yellow hair

And blue eyes

She's beautiful

Can I be beautiful

Can my pony tail hang down my back

Why can't I have hair like her

And the light dims

And soon

When the understanding comes

the self hate flutters in

Like a colonial moth

On wings of oppression

At school there are no books with me

With my skin

My nose

My hair

I'm not pretty

And the light dims

And soon


Dances around their youth

Hand outstretched

Inviting them to sway

Dancing to melodies

That sound like independence

The anger comes

He accused me of cheating


I've never had an average under a 98

He accused me

In front of the class

The entire class

He says he only dates

White girls

Light girls

They asked if my hair is real

If they could touch it

They did

I didn't say they could

They called me ghetto

They called me nigger

Why did that man just call my mother


And the light dims

And we mothers weep

into our pillows

In the Shower

In the car

Tears we know they will shed too

Because the world hasn't changed

Behind our desks

Solitary and alone

The only woman

The only brown

The only other

And we are asked to



Be the voice of our people

Why do you people




Can you explain rap

What's a chitterling

Work place Mammies

Wet nurses

breasts filled

With black trauma

Suckling ignorance

Promotions passing us by

Like tides that never reach our shores

And our supposed 70 cents on the dollar

Is undoubtedly less

In our black checks

But we can't prove it

And our light Dims

we balance our love

On titanium backs

With feet cemented in

"This won't be my daughter's life"

We turn ourselves

Inside out

No sacrifice too great

To help them spread wings

Not weighed down by their blackness

But fueled by it

But their feet sometimes are tethered to

An earth filled with welfare queen lies

Because brown girls can't fly

too high

Can't soar above

Yellow hair

If they do

They might swing from an imaginary


Too short for their 6 foot body

And die for not signaling a lane change

when you say

All lives matter

I ask

Will your daughter be sexualized

Before she bleeds

Will her brilliance always be doubted

Will she always be marginalized

Race and sex intersecting like knife in flesh

Will your 5 year old

Whisper in your ear

While wrapped in your loving arms

"Raquel says I'm too dark to be pretty"

Will your daughter hate her own skin

Mine have

Black girls matter too


art by Sage Smith

art by Sage Smith

art by David Anthony Geary

art by David Anthony Geary

Cat caller: what dat mouth do

Me: talk shit 

Cat caller: what dat P***y taste like ?


...My p***y tastes like justice 

Like revolution rolled into 

cinnamon dipped 

Honey mango coated sweetness 

To help you swallow bitter black hate 

My p***y tastes like 



and peace 

My p***y tastes like 


and passion 

Universe flavored 

Seasoned with star dust 

My p***y tastes like infinity 

She is alpha and omega 

The beginning and the end 

My p***y tastes like Genesis 

It leads 

It rules 

Even her whispers are shouts 

My p***y tastes like 


Inspiration and integrity

A compass for more than your phallus

My p***y directs your soul 

My p***y tastes like

queendom come

When I cum

My reign 

makes it rain

Hot sweet sticky

My p***y tastes better

than mediocre men's tears 

My p***y tastes like

Matriarchal militias

Mutating by millions 

Marching heavy on your tongue 

My p***y tastes like justice